Canadian Miniature Australian Shepherds
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Excellence in Herding

Mission Statement

The Canadian Miniature Australian Shepherd Association is dedicated to maintaining the integrity of the miniature Australian Shepherd by preserving their history and promoting them as a smaller variety of the Australian Shepherd with strong herding instinct and versatility. We promote and encourage the practices of breeding genetically sound and healthy miniature Australian Shepherds in striving for excellence.

It is also our mission to bring positive awareness of the miniature Australian Shepherd and guide the breed in a direction that is for the betterment of the breed for the present and into the future.

Australian Shepherd Rescue

From time to time we are contacted to see if we will take in rescue Australian Shepherd's of all size varieties. The answer is yes. We will keep the bottom of this page open to showcase rescue's that have come into our care and are now looking for new homes. Please do not hesitate to contact anyone on the board for more information. We may not always be able to accommodate taking in a rescue on a moments notice but will do our best to accommodate based on individual circumstances.

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